Saturday, May 19, 2007

You Won't Believe What Were Doing Now!

Where have something new coming your way.

We have a new pet service were are excited about and your invited

to come check it out here:You Won't Believe What Were Doing Now!

Keep reading and find out how you can meet our dogs and
see our

cat's enjoying their custom cat furniture.

For those who clicked the link:
Here are our panel of judges they decides what stay and goes.. well,
here they are. It may take awhile because we do have plenty of pets.
We have 5 happy dogs and several happy cats. I will introduce
you to the dogs first.

First,their is a schnauzer named Mac. He was rescued from
being tied outside near yellow jacket bees, not neutered, and needed
plenty of medical care. (Now he is doing pretty good.)

Then, a Shiloh Shepherd(he looks like a german
shepherd.) His name is Shiloh.He was rescued from someone
who left him outside in the hot sun and in rain and thunderstorms.

I have a Chihuahua named him Julius. He is another rescue nobody wanted.
And I have a toy Yorkie Named Georgio. Yes, he was rescued too. The
owner didn't want him but she gave us a hard time when we offered
to take him in.

Poor Georgio had never been to a vet, groomer, wasn't neutered
and had fleas, ear mites, bad teeth, and lot of medical problems.
Now he a happy pup and enjoys being with the pack.

We also have a Saluki we recently adopted from a breeder.
His name is Michael.

We have cats too.

Most of the cats we rescued and some we got at a cat show.

They are all happy with their custom cat furniture.

If you are interested in seeing what we built for them

you can Look at the Custom Cat Furniture
or meet our dog's Enjoying the scenery.

To find out how participate in this private service Please click here

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